Adding without Subtracting

Yoga MistThose of you who are my friends on Facebook already know my big news as of two days ago: I have started my own small business called Yoga Mist.

That’s right… having a full-time job at NC State University, directing my own professional dance company, and working part-time at Vault Yoga were not enough. I have started my own yoga business teaching private, semi-private, and small group classes in my home studio and in clients’ homes and offices. And this is really just the first step. I plan to add yoga beach retreats and paddle-board yoga instruction to the mix, as well, in the coming months. All of this is very exciting, and I’m doing it because I find teaching yoga so rewarding. It’s not about making more money; it’s about passion.

So… what’s the problem, then? Well, it occurs to me I am again adding and adding things into my life without subtracting anything. My over-achieving personality leads me to constantly seek out new challenges¬† and new responsibilities – even if I really don’t have time to fulfill them. I tell my students each semester you cannot continue to try to do more and more in less and less time without putting an unruly amount of stress on yourself… unhealthy stress.

And so, I’m still fighting. I’m fighting the stress. I’m fighting the short amount of free time available to me. I’m fighting my own unwillingness to say “no,” to find moderation, and to relax. Why can we not value that more? Well… why can I not value that more? Why must I feel guilty for spending even a short amount of time being “unproductive?”

As I’m pondering these questions, I realize I’m also being productive – updating this blog (which was yet another “thing” I felt I just had to do). Ok… I’m giving in and going to relax.


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