from Autumn Mist

Autumn MistI first tried yoga as a teenager, and quickly decided it wasn’t for me. I found it boring – holding various shapes for long periods of time. It was many years later (while I was in graduate school, working on my M.F.A. in modern dance) that I decided to give yoga another try, mainly because two great dancers/choreographers/teachers spoke so highly of it. Thank you Joe Goode and Alexander Gish for (without even realizing it) turning me back to yoga – this time for good.

I quickly discovered yoga was so much more than that video had shown me so many years earlier. As a former gymnast I was instantly drawn to strong and powerful poses – arm balances being some of my favorites; however, the more my practice develops, the more I find true inspiration in the balance the rest of the asanas bring to me and my soul. Some days I crave a slow yin practice while others I’m immersed in a jumping, flowing vinyasa extravaganza!

Now: add water. I’ve found just being around water (lakes, ocean, even swimming pools and hot tubs) is one of the best ways to add a sense of calm into my life. So, it was only natural that I took my yoga practice there. After just a few “playing” sessions on a paddle board, I decided to learn all I could about the fairly new practice. I completed a SUP instructor certification (class 1) with World Paddle Association and my PaddleYoga teacher training with Tara McCabe and Trish Miller of Lazy Dog PaddleYoga (based in Key West). I’m so excited to offer summer PaddleYoga classes in Raleigh and retreats to the NC coast!

In addition to teaching in local studios and on the water, I instruct students at NC State University in dance, yoga, and gymnastics. I also am the artistic director of Code f.a.d. Company, a professional multimedia modern dance company based in Raleigh. Creating dances with Code f.a.d. is a great challenge to my artistic side, while yoga is a wonderful way to help keep myself grounded and sane throughout that process and the rest of my life.

Certifications & Training:

B.A. in Dance and Studio Art, University of Alabama
M.F.A. in Dance, University of Maryland
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (with Stephanie Keach of Asheville Yoga Center)
PaddleYoga Teacher Training (with Tara McCabe and Trish Miller of Lazy Dog PaddleYoga)
World Paddle Association Class 1 SUP Instructor
Horton Dance Technique Pedagogy Training (Levels 1 & 2), The Ailey School
CPR, AED, First Aid Certified
*Currently pursuing 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training with Blue Lotus